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Meet Carl Baldassarre

Apart from being a world class expert on the art of Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin’s music, Carl Baldassarre is world-traveling and award winning composer, guitarist and educator. Baldassarre has spent more than 40 years as a professional musician. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio his first band, Abraxas, received a recording contract when he was 19 years old and toured non-stop for years as a successful regional artist. His progressive rock band, Syzygy, received critical acclaim and professional praise for over 30 years throughout the U.S. and Europe (charting in Germany). The band released four highly succesful albums (Cosmos & Chaos, The Allegory of Light, Realms of Eternity and A Glorious Disturbance).

Considered a polystylist, Baldassarre is a composer-songwriter comfortable in any genre or medium. He has received recognition for many of his works including Flamenco, Celtic ballads, progressive rock and classical music. His latest works (all released under the eponymus band name BALDASSARRE) are available on his website

In addition to his original work, Baldassarre has spent a lifetime admiring and studying the work of Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Page. He has founded two bands, “Baldassarre’s Led Zeppelin Revival” and “Baldassarre’s The Soul of Zeppelin.” Both bands approach Led Zeppelin’s music in a unique way, transcending the notion of merely a tribute with insight into what makes the music so eternal and addressing the influences that made the members of Led Zeppelin want to become Led Zeppelin in the first place. 

Baldassarre began a YouTube channel in 2021 initially devoted to his research of Led Zeppelin’s second album “Led Zeppelin II”.  The series covered every song on that historic Led Zeppelin album with not only insight into “what” was played, but most importantly ansering the question (from a composers perspective), as to “why” was it played.  That is to say, why did the artist choose notes, chords, progressions, rhythms, lyrics, moods, timbre, etc. in the course of writing and recording a particular piece of music.  In the end, Baldassarre’s mastery and interpretation of Led Zeppelin’s repertoire and especially Jimmy Page’s techniques found an enthusiastic niche on YouTube. 

As a music theorist, Carl is a well-studied, well-traveled historian and aesthete which enables him to bring great meaning and context to not only his work, but also to his analysis and interpretations of other great works of art, music and life in general. His immersive approach has few limits, whether it’s jumping a velvet rope to play Beethoven or Mahler’s personal pianos or standing on the conductor’s podium of the great music halls of Europe or even sneaking a quick repose on the birth bed of someone he’s studying, Carl leaves no stone unturned when it comes to research.  This breadth of experience has allowed Baldassarre to expand the scope of his YouTube channel to artists and topics beyond Led Zeppelin.

Buoyed by his unrelenting youthful enthusiasm and armed with decades of incredible experience and repertoire, Baldassarre is not only bringing his own music to concert stages, but also Led Zeppelin’s music and influences to concert stages everywhere.  You can discover more about Carl Baldassarre by visiting and YouTube.

Guy Snowdon – vocals (Guy Snowdon and the Citizens)
Carl Baldassarre – guitar (Syzygy, Abraxas, BALDASSARRE)
Al Rolik – Bass (Syzygy, Abraxas)
With Special Guests:
Jim Ruschman – drums & Billy Brock – Keys

Marcus Scott – vocals (Tower of Power)
Nick D’Virgilio – drums (Tears for Fears, Genesis, Big Big Train)
Carl Baldassarre – guitar (Syzygy, Abraxas, BALDASSARRE)
With Special Guests:
Al Rolik – Bass & Jacob Dupre – Keys

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